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Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Keeping your body and skin healthy throughout the entire tattoo removal process is an important part of your transformation. Following the aftercare instructions below will help improve results and can even expedite removal.

Aftercare Instructions 

At Nuleaf, we believe in the importance of taking a holistic approach when caring for your skin and body during the tattoo removal process. Here are some instructions to follow that will help ensure your success. 

  • Keep the area cool, dry, and clean.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure and use sunscreen as needed.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing that is not restrictive on the tattoo removal area.
  • Apply an icepack wrapped in cloth as needed.
  • Using aloe, hydrocortisone cream, and/or vitamin E oil can help reduce inflammation, expedite the healing process, and alleviate itchiness.

Common Side Effects of Laser Tattoo Removal

There are various side effects from the tattoo removal process which are not uncommon, but can be minimized by following our aftercare guidelines.

  • Blistering - within 24 hours of tattoo removal, it is common for small blisters to form. Blistering can be mitigated by icing the area and keeping it cool. Should blisters develop that are larger than a dime, you can use a sterilized lancet to drain them by piercing the base of the blister. Over-the-counter antibacterial ointments should be used at this point to keep the area moist and expedite healing.
  • Swelling - mild inflammation is normal and may occur in and around the tattoo removal area. Ice is your best friend once again. Any swelling should subside within 72 hours.
  • Scabbing - as part of the body's natural healing process, small scabs may form. It's important to keep yourself from picking at them.

Remember, less is more.

There's things you should do, and then there's things you shouldn't do. Following the tips below will ensure you're not inadvertently damaging your skin or hindering the healing process.

Your Health Matters

Maintaining a healthy immune system before, during, and after tattoo removal is a critical part of the aftercare process. The healthier you are, the faster and safer it will be to remove your unwanted ink. Why? Well most of the tattoo removal process is actually up to your body. During each session, the tattoo ink is simply broken down - then your body has to flush it out and heal your skin.

Here are some tips for strengthening your immune system:

  • Stay Hydrated - drinking an adequate amount of water each day will help ensure your immune system is operating efficiently and assist in flushing out the broken down ink particles. 
  • Eat Healthy - eating clean and avoiding processed foods gives your body the proper nutrition to perform optimally. Protein from lean meat and micronutrients from vegetables keep your body's systems firing on all cylinders.
  • Exercise Routinely - staying active and working out routinely is a critical part of maintaining a healthy immune system. Although strenuous activity should be avoided immediately following tattoo removal, regular exercise can also increase circulation which aids in the body processing and flushing out the ink more effectively.

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