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How we make laser removal easy laser removal new year's tattoo removal

Hard decision made easy


Life is hard. Your tattoo removal shouldn’t be.


Laser removal is a big decision.


When you’ve made it this far, you’re serious. 


It’s a big step. One that’s filled with a lot of questions.


We make the process as smooth as possible. 


We know laser removal is a big decision. We remove as many roadblocks as possible to make your decision a simple one.


Keeping you informed



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Drake honors fashion icon Virgil Abloh with new tattoo celebrity cover up drake tattoo removal tattoos virgil abloh

Tribute to a friend


Drake showed off a tattoo of the recently deceased fashion designer Virgil Abloh on Ganga Tattoo’s Instagram.


The photo-realistic tattoo is a representation of Abloh tossing a Louis Vuitton kite on a runway. It’s cool. It’s touching, and it really stands out.


The tattoo is a beautiful tribute to his friend, who recently passed away from a long struggle with cancer. The simple details like Abloh’s shadow give it complexity, but...

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Why do people choose laser removal? before laser removal cover up judgment regret tattoo removal

Get rid of regret


Regret is a big reason people choose tattoo removal. 


Regret can mean one of many things. That depends on the person and the situation.


Past decisions


Tattoos are linked with decisions in your past. You may have even gotten a tattoo to mark the occasion. 


When your life changes, the old tattoo reminds you of that, and it’s not always a reminder you want anymore. That was a fun night with the boys down in Florida years ago....

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Holiday season is perfect for tattoo removal christmas health holidays new years resolutions tattoo removal

3 reasons why now is the right time for laser removal


It’s already December.


Christmas will be here before you know it. 


Then that weird limbo week where no one is really working and you’re just hanging out and eating (and drinking) too much.


Then New Years.


All the parties. And friends. And resolutions. 


That wonderful mixture of memories of friendship and family and commitment to making the next year better. 



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Every tattoo tells a story personal story tattoo removal

What’s your story?


I just ran across this article from the Irish times. Kinda random. But...kinda cool too.


It’s called “The story of my tattoo” and it’s basically what it sounds like - people telling stories about their tattoos. 


I don’t usually do this, but I’m just throwing it out there, cause I thought it was cool. It’s always cool to hear people’s stories behind things, especially something like a tattoo.


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The U.S. Coast Guard relaxes tattoo restrictions coast guard tattoo removal veterans days

Recently the Coast Guard decided to ease some restrictions regarding tattoos. While visible tattoos used to be forbidden, the Coast Guard now allows applicants to have a limited number of visible tattoos on their hands and/or fingers. 


You can read more about it here and you can also read the official policy here. 


Since this news just came out, I thought it would be cool to share on Veterans Day. There are still limits on tattoos for service members, but this gives a...

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Does laser tattoo removal cause scarring? after care laser removal scarring scars

What you need to know about laser removal and scarring


The chance of your laser tattoo removal causing scarring is close to zero. Q-Switched lasers are a safe method of removal and there is little chance of scarring if you follow the aftercare instructions we provide.


How does laser removal work?


Q-Switch laser removal is one of the safest, most effective ways to remove your tattoo. Learning how it works will help you understand the importance of proper skin care after...

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Which is easier to remove: shading or line work? laser removal laser treatment tattoo removal

Tattoos are complex. Not just the art itself but the application. No tattoo is the same and therefore no removal is the same. When you’re planning your tattoo removal, it’s good to be aware of the different aspects that factor into the removal. 


If you’re seeking a complete removal or preparing for a cover up, you want to know how laser removal works with the different parts of your tattoo. 


When it comes to laser removal, which is easier to remove,...

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Does tattoo removal help anxiety? anxiety laser removal tattoo removal

An unwanted tattoo on your body can be the source of anxiety or depression. It’s one of the main reasons why people seek out tattoo removal, and it's why we make the process easy.  


This can be true for many reasons. You might feel that you’re not the same person as when you first got your tattoo and that it’s no longer “you.” Or you realized that the tattoo isn’t what you wanted after seeing it in the flesh. 


Other people...

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Do you need to shave before tattoo removal? before laser removal shaving tattoo removal

When should you shave before tattoo removal and why?


When it comes to your tattoo removal, you want everything to be right. Because when it comes to your skin - every detail is important.


Should you shave before tattoo removal?


Yes,’s important to shave the day before your laser session and not on the same day. 




In general you should shave before your tattoo removal so that the area for your removal is free of any...

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Do tattoo removal creams really work? acids tattoo removal tattoo removal creams

Removal creams can be harmful, here’s why...


Do tattoo removal creams work?


The short answer is “no.” A tattoo removal cream will not remove your tattoo.


The long answer is that they don’t work and will cost you more harm and money in the long run.


Here’s why.


What are they?


Tattoo removal creams are over the counter products. They are a topical cream that claims to remove or lighten a tattoo. They claim to do this...

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Is Tyron Woodley’s “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo real? celebrity jake paul tyron woodley


After losing a boxing match to Youtube star Jake Paul, Tyrone Woodley promised to get a tattoo with the words “I love Jake Paul.”

This was supposedly part of a deal to secure a rematch. 


No comment. 

Woodley posted what looks like a tattoo with those words on his Instagram, and regardless of whether you think getting it was a wise idea, you have to admit he chose just about the right place to put it. 


The post has a lot of people calling Woodley...

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