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5 reasons fall is the best time for tattoo removal

fall pumpkin spice tattoo removal winter Sep 16, 2021
Fall is perfect to start your tattoo removal

Fall (or winter) is perfect to start your tattoo removal


Here in New York, we’re in that weird in-between time where it’s not quite fall, but it’s not quite summer either. That means it’s the perfect moment to start making your plans for the fall season. 


You’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo removal for a while now. Or maybe you’ve started but still need to finish. 



As fall gets underway, recommit to those plans for a tattoo removal. Here’s five reasons why it’s a great time.


1 - Easier to cover up


Tattoo removal heals faster and goes more quickly when you’re able to cover the affected area. You especially want to keep it out of the sun as much as possible. It goes without saying that this is just easier to do in the fall. Your wardrobe this time of year will show much less skin, whoever you are.


If you’re self-conscious about the removal process, then it’s another reason to get started now. Tattoo removal takes several sessions. You might feel awkward having that skin exposed when your tattoo is fading away with the removal process. Fall gives you the option to keep it covered until the removal is completed. 


2 - Fall is a time for new beginnings


Whether you stopped going to school at 18 or later in life (or never did), fall is still a time that reminds you of new beginnings. A chance to start over. Buy new clothes. Start that diet or workout routine again. 


For whatever reason, the school schedule is still stuck in our heads to start over when the weather cools down. Use this as an excuse to commit to new goals of self-improvement. If that includes tattoo removal, then give us a call!


3 - Don’t have to shave (as much)


This goes along with reason #1, but it can be enough of an annoyance that I thought it deserved it’s own reason. Look, skin care is time consuming, and when you’re having a tattoo removed, you will have to take special care of your skin. 


If your tattoo is an area that you have to shave, then that’s something you can just skip in between sessions...especially if you’re able to cover it with that new fall wardrobe you’re excited about!


4 - More pumpkin spice


It’s fall (almost) and that means it’s time for the pumpkin spice wars to begin!


Can I just say one thing? Whether you like pumpkin spice or not, can we just let people that do like pumpkin spice enjoy something they love? Isn’t life hard enough already to have to turn this into a thing? Has your 2021 been easy? C’mon people!


But seriously. As long as you’re not having to worry about the beach (and aren’t shaving as much), then why not enjoy an extra pumpkin spice donut...or latte...or whatever it that you like? 


Alright...granted this has less to do with tattoo removal than my own desire to use fall as an excuse to talk about pumpkin spice, but as long as this time of year is a time when you’re a little more covered up, you may as well take advantage of it. That’s all I’m saying.


5 - Get ready for the summer


Which brings me to my fifth point. Look, let’s be honest, summer is the time when you want to show off a little bit. It’s when you want to show off all the time you’ve put in at the gym. All the Christmas pounds you’ve lost. 


Well, if a tattoo is something that’s holding you back, then now is the precise time when you want to start the removal process. When you start the process now, your tattoo will be removed in time for the summer. 


Tattoo removal takes time. But right now there’s a lot of time until beach season. Go ahead and start that removal now.


Bonus - Halloween tattoo?


Are you a Halloween person? Is the season giving you any ideas for a new tattoo? Maybe you don’t want a tattoo removed but just need to lighten one up for a new idea you have in store…


Halloween is just around the corner--set up an appointment now!

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