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Did Britney get her tattoos removed?

#freebritney judge no one tattoo removal Jul 12, 2021
Britney Spears back

Recently Britney Spears posted a selfie of her bare back on Instagram. And, since this is the internet...everybody lost their mind.


This sparked a million comments and questions online about whether or not Britney had her back tattoos removed. For example, Britney recently revealed that she has the Hebrew word for “healing” tattooed on her neck, and it’s known that she has others as well. 


If you’re interested in what those are, we’re sure there’s plenty of information online, but as far as our opinion at Nuleaf, we don’t care. 


Judge no one


At Nuleaf we’re not here to judge or question anyone. That goes for you and any future clients, and yes, that even goes for global pop stars as well. 


Everyone is their own unique, individual person, and at Nuleaf, that’s how you’ll be treated. 


So if you want to get tattoos and show ‘em off? Great!


If you want to show off your skin with no tattoos? Great!


You do you. We’re not here to question you. 


It’s your skin, your rules. 


We’re just here to help you do that the best that we can.



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