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Does tattoo removal help anxiety?

anxiety laser removal tattoo removal Oct 21, 2021
Does tattoo removal help anxiety?

An unwanted tattoo on your body can be the source of anxiety or depression. It’s one of the main reasons why people seek out tattoo removal, and it's why we make the process easy.  


This can be true for many reasons. You might feel that you’re not the same person as when you first got your tattoo and that it’s no longer “you.” Or you realized that the tattoo isn’t what you wanted after seeing it in the flesh. 


Other people experience intimidation with the tattoo process and feel as if their needs or desires were never properly respected when getting the tattoo in the first place. Now the unwanted tattoo only serves of the reminder of a bad experience. 


Whatever the reason, if tattoo removal is the source of anxiety or depression, we want to help make the process a smooth one.


You’re the priority


That’s why our philosophy centers on you and your skin. At Nuleaf we want to give you the right information to put you in control, regardless of your decision. 


At Nuleaf we love tattoos and the people that have them. That means respecting all choices. Whether you just want a cover up or a total removal.


We remove tattoos...that’s what we do


We won't give you advice about any mental health related issue.


But if you have anxiety about an unwanted tattoo, then we are here to give you clear information and assistance regarding the removal process itself..


It’s a big decision to have a tattoo removed. We'll make the experience as smooth as possible.


And in every choice you make - especially regarding your skin - you’re in the driver’s seat. Make your tattoo removal one step closer and give us a call today!

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