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Does tattoo removal hurt?

laser treatment pain tattoo removal Jul 29, 2021
Does tattoo removal hurt?

Is tattoo removal painful? If so, how much?


If you’re thinking about tattoo removal, then you have questions.


You’re probably wondering “does it hurt?”


You want the truth.


Well... it doesn't feel like puppies licking the skin.


And most clients agree that the tattoo removal session does in fact hurt. 


However, the experience isn’t that long (typically less than a couple of minutes) and is definitely tolerable. 


At Nuleaf, you’re in control. It’s your skin and your decision. And you deserve clear, honest information. 


Now let’s talk about what that means.


How much does it hurt?


Everyone experiences pain differently, but most people agree that laser tattoo removal is similar in intensity to getting a tattoo, but the sensation is much different.


Some people compare the pain to getting a sunburn. Others say it feels like a rubber band snapping the skin. While others even say it tickles. 


Anthony's Opinion: "Getting a tattoo feels like an intense scratch and getting your tattoo removed feels like decent snap -- kind of like tiny rubber bands hitting the skin"


Either way, it’s fast!


Most laser tattoo removal sessions only last less than few minutes, so the whole process - and any pain that it involves - is over before you know it. Once the laser is off, most clients agree that virtually all discomfort has subsided. If anything, some clients report the feeling of a sunburn for a few days post-removal session.


The bottom line: yes it hurts, but if you can sit through hours of getting a tattoo, you can sit through a couple minutes of getting it removed.


What are other factors?


Just like getting a tattoo, the amount of pain associated with tattoo removal is dependent on a number of factors. This includes the size of the tattoo, darkness of the ink, and where the tattoo is on your body. 


It’s effective


Laser removal is fast and it’s effective. Any tattoo removal that claims to be pain-free either isn’t being honest or doesn’t work. 


Nuleaf’s Q-switch multi-wavelength laser technology is specifically designed for tattoo removal. It passes a laser safely and rapidly through the top layer of your skin and breaks down the ink in the second layer of your skin. The laser removal process allows your body to flush the broken down ink out of your system with the help of your immune system.


You can read more about how tattoo removal works here: How It Works


Please know your comfort is important to us. At Nuleaf we use a Zimmer Cryo Chiller during each laser session to chill the area being lasered. This will greatly reduce and ease any discomfort during the laser removal process.


For any other questions about the laser removal process or how you can prepare for your session, don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime!

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