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Drake honors fashion icon Virgil Abloh with new tattoo

celebrity cover up drake tattoo removal tattoos virgil abloh Dec 23, 2021
Drake's new tattoo of his friend, Virgil Abloh

Tribute to a friend


Drake showed off a tattoo of the recently deceased fashion designer Virgil Abloh on Ganga Tattoo’s Instagram.


The photo-realistic tattoo is a representation of Abloh tossing a Louis Vuitton kite on a runway. It’s cool. It’s touching, and it really stands out.


The tattoo is a beautiful tribute to his friend, who recently passed away from a long struggle with cancer. The simple details like Abloh’s shadow give it complexity, but the design overall is simple and tasteful.


All tattoos have personal meaning, but a lot of our customers have tattoos that are directly linked to a special person in their lives. 


I find these tattoos especially powerful during Christmas and the holidays, when I can’t help thinking about the importance of family and friends. 


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