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Every tattoo tells a story

personal story tattoo removal Nov 18, 2021
Every tattoo tells a story

What’s your story?


I just ran across this article from the Irish times. Kinda random. But...kinda cool too.


It’s called “The story of my tattoo” and it’s basically what it sounds like - people telling stories about their tattoos. 


I don’t usually do this, but I’m just throwing it out there, cause I thought it was cool. It’s always cool to hear people’s stories behind things, especially something like a tattoo.


Tattoos are cool. They’re artistic. They can be serious. They can be funny. Sometimes they’re well thought out, and sometimes they’re - how can I say this? - a bit impulsive. 


But...they’re always personal. 


Tattoos are a way to express yourself to the world for sure. But what’s fascinating is that they’re also a way for you to understand your own self. 


Your struggles. Your challenges. Your successes. 


Tattoos document your life. 


And if your life is anything like mine - it doesn’t always go in a straight line. Because life’s messy. And it gets complicated sometimes.


Your tattoos tell a story about your life, and that story can go in a lot of different directions. 


We empower you to tell your story the way you want. And your decision to get laser removal is a part of your story.


It’s your body and your life.


When you need to take control of your story, give us a call to set up an appointment. 


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