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Holiday season is perfect for tattoo removal

christmas health holidays new years resolutions tattoo removal Dec 02, 2021
3 reasons why the holidays are the best time for tattoo removal

3 reasons why now is the right time for laser removal


It’s already December.


Christmas will be here before you know it. 


Then that weird limbo week where no one is really working and you’re just hanging out and eating (and drinking) too much.


Then New Years.


All the parties. And friends. And resolutions. 


That wonderful mixture of memories of friendship and family and commitment to making the next year better. 


Then it’s January. And it’s cold. You gotta go back to work. And reality starts to sink in. 


Let’s be honest. January kind of sucks. 


Most of those gym memberships start to go unused. An extra plate of pasta doesn’t sound so bad since you’re dressed in layers.  


Before January is done, most of your resolutions are forgotten. 


Don’t let that happen this time. 


That’s why now is the best time to commit to laser removal.


Here’s why...



  • Don’t make a resolution, make a commitment. Let’s be honest about two things. Resolutions don’t work. They feel good during happy times, but they fail when reality sets in. 



Also, laser removal takes time. It works but it takes commitment and time.


Go ahead and get started now. When New Year’s rolls around, you’re not just getting started. You’ve spent money and have skin in the game.


While everyone else is making empty promises, you’ll already have a sense of accomplishment.  



  • Laser removal goes hand in hand with a commitment to good health.



Everybody cuts loose on their diet at Christmas. There’s candy everywhere. Drinks are flowing. If you’re not eating at Grandma’s, then you’re going out to eat with friends. Or both. 


Either way, if you’re normal like the rest of us, you gain a little weight. 


That’s okay. Recommit to diet and a healthy lifestyle after the holidays. That will help support your removal process, and your commitment to getting your tattoo removed gives you more reason to stay healthy. 


Diet and exercise are the main factors involved in speeding up the removal process. Synergize your goals and increase your chance of success. (Is synergize a word? Feels like it should be).



  • The winter time is the best time for laser removal aftercare. 



Did you enjoy the first snowfall the other day? 


Winter is rough in New York. But that makes it easier to take care of your skin after a removal session, because you’re more likely to keep your skin covered from the sun. 


After a laser removal session, it’s important to protect that area of skin from sun exposure. Your skin needs to heal after each session. The better you’re able to handle the healing process, the faster your tattoo removal will go. 


During winter in New York, you’ve gotta bundle up anyway…because it’s so freaking cold. Why not take advantage of this time now to get started. 


Plus, by the time spring and summer get here, you’ll have a greater chance of completing your tattoo removal. 


Just think about that tattoo that you want removed or that area of your skin where you want to start over.


Think about the fact that - if you start now - then this summer you can walk around at the beach or the pool wearing whatever you want without any fear or embarrassment or regret. 


Start now so the “new you” can be ready by next summer. 


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