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How does water affect tattoo removal?

after care infection swimming tattoo removal water Jul 15, 2021
How does water affect tattoo removal aftercare?

Can you go swimming after tattoo removal?


After your laser treatment, you’re ready to get back to normal. How soon can you take a shower or go swimming? 


Hot tub? Yes, please.


Wait, can you?


Watch for infection 


The good news is that life can return pretty much to normal very soon after tattoo removal. We just suggest waiting 3-5 days before hopping in the pool or taking a really hot shower.


Swimming or any other type of water based activity is fine; however, your main concern should be infection. 


While most water is okay, you want to avoid any source of infection like dirty water (obviously). But that can also mean hot water as well. So the hot tub should wait for a few days, as hot water tends to attract more bacteria and potentially infectious material. 


Inflammation or blistering can occur after laser treatment. Treat the area in the same way you would treat any wound or potential source of infection. 


Be reasonable. Avoid exposing the affected skin to dirty water or water that could allow the presence of high amounts of bacteria, at least until the skin appears normal. But otherwise, you should feel free to shower or go swimming or any other water-based activities.


And of course, make sure to monitor your skin for any signs of infection (which you should do anyways, of course).


Also, keep in mind that although your skin may look and feel healed after just a few days, it's not. It actually takes 4-6 weeks for most people's skin to heal completely. 


This means exercising caution throughout the entire tattoo removal process.

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