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How long does tattoo removal take?

laser treatment tattoo removal Sep 02, 2021
How long will it take to remove your tattoo?

How many sessions?


You have a lot of questions when you’re planning your tattoo removal. One thing you  want to know is “how long will this take?”


The timing of your tattoo removal can be important, especially if you’re planning a removal for a special event, such as a wedding or future job. 


That’s why it’s good to get the clearest, most straightforward answer possible.


Everyone is different


First of all, no tattoo is the same and every person is different. 


Therefore, it’s impossible to predict exactly how long any removal process will take. 


We want to be upfront about that as soon as possible. At Nuleaf we want to give you the right information so that you can make the best decision possible. It’s your skin and your decision - we’re just here to serve you as best as we can. 


However, you still need information about what to expect so that you can make the right decision.


8-12 weeks for most tattoos


At Nuleaf, we tell our clients that it will take between 8-12 sessions to remove most professional tattoos. While some small tattoos can be removed more quickly, you should plan for 8-12 sessions for your tattoo. 


Also, laser sessions should be spaced 8-10 weeks apart.


The reason for this is that laser removal breaks up the ink in your tattoo, which allows your body to flush it out of your system. However, this process takes time, and it’s also recommended to space out sessions to give your body time to recover. 


It can take over a year to fully remove a professional tattoo. Therefore it’s wise to plan your removal ahead of time, especially if your reason for seeking tattoo removal is time sensitive.


Tattoo lightening


If you need a tattoo lightened in preparation for a cover-up, then it usually only takes 3-5 sessions. (Again you would still need to space out sessions by 8-10 weeks). 


Reminder: Every client is unique and there is no guarantee on how long your tattoo removal will take. But for most professional tattoos, you should plan on 8-12 sessions for a complete removal.

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