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Tattoo Removal & Summer

summer tattoo removal Jul 08, 2021
Be confident this summer with laser tattoo removal

Can you start or continue laser tattoo removal in the summer?


The answer is yes.


Summer is a great time to start thinking about tattoo removal or to continue a removal that you’ve started in the past. The change in wardrobe might even remind you of something you’ve been putting off.


It’s a great time to take action on those plans right now.


Sun and skin


However, summer does bring different concerns, mainly sun exposure and how this affects your skin differently during tattoo removal. There are some precautions you should be aware of and need to follow in order to stay healthy and keep your skin looking great.


The main thing to know is that tanning and sun exposure can make your skin more sensitive to heat. This could make the exposed portion of your skin susceptible to burns, scarring, or what’s called hyperpigmentation during the laser removal process. 


(Hyperpigmentation is when patches of your skin become darker than other, surrounding areas). 


What can you do?


If you’re considering tattoo removal, shield that portion of skin from sun exposure for at least two weeks after any session. To be extra safe, you can also avoid direct exposure for up to two weeks before your session.  You want your skin tone to be as close to normal for you as possible at the time of your appointment. In other words, you don't want excessive tanning beforehand.


If you have to expose the affected area to the sun after your session, make sure to use sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays and cover your skin as much as possible. 


As long as you’re able to do this with confidence, then there’s no reason you can’t start or continue a tattoo removal during the summer.


Fact and fiction


Unfortunately, worry about sun exposure has created the myth that you can’t have laser treatment over the summer. 


Simply put, that’s false. But the concern is real.


The key with laser removal treatment in the summer is to make an informed decision, and that’s true of anything that you do with Nuleaf. 


The reality is that sun exposure can happen year round, so this is a concern that should be taken seriously at all times. However you'll probably have more sun exposure in the summer. And you might wear clothing that exposes different areas of skin on your body. 


You do you


Only you know your own potential for greater sun exposure, given your activity and what you want to wear. 


It could be that the tattoo you want removed isn’t affected by this issue. Or it could be the case that there are only certain activities or types of clothing that you should avoid during the period before and after your laser procedure. 


If you’re fine with that, then there’s no reason to avoid laser tattoo removal. Especially if the summer make you more aware of your desire to get that tattoo removed. 


Or you may want to wear sandals right when summer hits and no one can stop you from it. If that’s the case, then you may want to wait until the fall to remove that ankle tattoo.


Whatever works for you. 


You’re in charge


One of the main triggers for people considering tattoo removal is the ability to wear what they want and feel good doing it. Especially when the weather’s warm, you want to feel comfortable without all the worry that might come from a tattoo you’re no longer happy with. 


When summer hits, some people feel an increased desire to get a tattoo removed. Whether that’s possible or not given your level of outdoor activity, we want you to know what your options are. If the desire to get that tattoo removed hits harder right now, just know that it is possible to get started now.


At Nuleaf you’ll never encounter any judgment about your reasons for wanting laser tattoo removal. That should be obvious, but at Nuleaf we’re proactive about the fact that you’re the one whose opinion matters. We’re just here to give you the knowledge to help you make the best decision for you.


Whether you want tattoo removal to have your old skin back or for a new design that you prefer, we’re here to give you the knowledge and the ability to create your own transformation. 


So if the change in season makes you think of the clothes you want to wear right now and you’re tired of wasting time then set up an appointment today and let’s get you started. 


Or...if the warm weather makes you want to soak up the sun all day everyday, then set up an appointment today for when summer’s over.


Whatever time is right for you, get in touch today and put yourself in control of your own skin right now!

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