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What is tattoo frosting...and why it's totally normal

after care laser treatment tattoo frosting tattoo removal Aug 18, 2021
Frosting in tattoo removal is totally normal

Tattoo frosting means the removal process is working

If you've just started laser removal, then you may notice a white residue on your skin in the same area of the removal.

If this happens, there's no need to worry. Here's why.

During the laser removal process, a laser moves over your skin and heats the ink in the layer underneath the surface. This breaks up the particles of ink, which lets your body flush them out of your system. 

When these ink particles are broken up, it releases tiny amounts of carbon dioxide, which can turn into bubbles along the surface of the skin where the tattoo is being removed. (If you've ever poured hydrogen peroxide on a cut, this causes a similar oxidation process).

This can look like white residue on the skin right after the procedure. That's why it's sometimes called tattoo frosting.

Your skin is healthy

You may not think it looks good when you see frosting, but it's totally normal, and it means the laser removal is working. It also means that your skin is healthy and is responding well to the process. 

Frosting usually goes away within an hour after the removal process, but in some cases it can last longer. Along with blistering, swelling, or scabbing, frosting is a part of the body's normal healing process after undergoing the removal process.

In other words, it means that your body is healthy and the process works. 

If you see frosting after removal, treat your skin the same way you would after a cut or burn and allow it to heal. Frosting is more typical in the beginning stages of tattoo removal, and with continued appointments, your tattoo will have less and less ink, and less frosting will naturally occur. 

(By the way, oxidation can also result in your tattoo appearing darker - which you can read about here. Your body, and your skin, are incredibly complex. That's why we do our best to inform you about how it responds to laser removal. 

The best decision is your informed decision.

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