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Which is easier to remove: shading or line work?

laser removal laser treatment tattoo removal Oct 28, 2021
Which type of tattoo ink is easier to remove?

Tattoos are complex. Not just the art itself but the application. No tattoo is the same and therefore no removal is the same. When you’re planning your tattoo removal, it’s good to be aware of the different aspects that factor into the removal. 


If you’re seeking a complete removal or preparing for a cover up, you want to know how laser removal works with the different parts of your tattoo. 


When it comes to laser removal, which is easier to remove, shading or line work?


Generally speaking, tattoo shading is easier to remove than line work. While there are no guarantees, shade work should require fewer sessions. 


Shade work is easier to remove because there is less ink, and the tattoo ink is usually not as deep in the skin. This allows the laser to more easily remove the ink. 


In laser removal, a laser penetrates the skin and shatters the ink in your tattoo into tiny particles. Once the ink is broken down it’s flushed out naturally through your body’s natural immune system. 


Due to the nature of shading work, it’s much easier for the laser to break down the ink so that your body can flush it out naturally. 


Understanding the difference between shading and line work can also prepare you for a cover up. When removing part of your tattoo for a cover up, it can help your preparation once you understand that the areas of shading will be easier to remove.


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