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Why do people choose laser removal?

before laser removal cover up judgment regret tattoo removal Dec 16, 2021
Why do people choose laser tattoo removal?

Get rid of regret


Regret is a big reason people choose tattoo removal. 


Regret can mean one of many things. That depends on the person and the situation.


Past decisions


Tattoos are linked with decisions in your past. You may have even gotten a tattoo to mark the occasion. 


When your life changes, the old tattoo reminds you of that, and it’s not always a reminder you want anymore. That was a fun night with the boys down in Florida years ago. You probably don’t remember. 


No reason it has to define the person you are now.




Tattoos can show your love and commitment to a special person. But when the relationship ends, the tattoo stays. 


That’s a painful reminder. Now when you see that name on your body, all you can remember is that he always left the toilet seat up.


Not a good memory.


Tattoo removal can be a big part of the healing process.


Life change


You’re not the same person you were ten years ago. And you’ll be a different person ten years from now. That tattoo marks a period in your life that you’d like to move on from. 


You liked dancing to the Thong Song in college just like everybody else. But now, you’re kind of embarrassed to see the lyrics in the mirror every morning on your ribcage.


That tattoo may not feel like it’s “you” anymore.


You don’t have to keep living with it. 


Bad tattoo


Sometimes, you just don’t like the tattoo. It could be poor quality. Your tastes may have changed. What looked good on paper doesn’t look the same on your body. Maybe you just don’t like Harry Potter…quite so much anymore.


Who knows. But if there’s something on your body that you don’t like, that can hurt your sense of body image. 


You don’t want that.


Whatever the reason, you just don’t like your tattoo, and you want to get rid of it or remove it for a new one.




Unfortunately many people are still judgmental of tattoos and people with tattoos. While this has changed a lot in recent years (for the better), you may find it hard to enter certain professions with a visible tattoo. If that tattoo is holding you back from the career you want, then you want to remove it. 


No regrets and no judgment


Most people are happy with their tattoos. At Nuleaf we love tattoos and people who have them. We never want to shame or make someone feel regret for their tattoo or a past decision.


But regret is one of the main reasons for why people seek tattoo removal. We know this because we’ve heard it over and over again. And we hate seeing people suffer with regret.


Just as we offer no judgment, we also want to offer you no regrets. 


The holidays are a time when you reflect on the past and prepare for a new future. It’s meant to be a season of joy, and despite all the stress, we want to help you start your transformation and start the New Year off right, with absolutely no regrets!

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