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Drake honors fashion icon Virgil Abloh with new tattoo celebrity cover up drake tattoo removal tattoos virgil abloh

Tribute to a friend


Drake showed off a tattoo of the recently deceased fashion designer Virgil Abloh on Ganga Tattoo’s Instagram.


The photo-realistic tattoo is a representation of Abloh tossing a Louis Vuitton kite on a runway. It’s cool. It’s touching, and it really stands out.


The tattoo is a beautiful tribute to his friend, who recently passed away from a long struggle with cancer. The simple details like Abloh’s shadow give it complexity, but...

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Why do people choose laser removal? before laser removal cover up judgment regret tattoo removal

Get rid of regret


Regret is a big reason people choose tattoo removal. 


Regret can mean one of many things. That depends on the person and the situation.


Past decisions


Tattoos are linked with decisions in your past. You may have even gotten a tattoo to mark the occasion. 


When your life changes, the old tattoo reminds you of that, and it’s not always a reminder you want anymore. That was a fun night with the boys down in Florida years ago....

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