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Holiday season is perfect for tattoo removal christmas health holidays new years resolutions tattoo removal

3 reasons why now is the right time for laser removal


It’s already December.


Christmas will be here before you know it. 


Then that weird limbo week where no one is really working and you’re just hanging out and eating (and drinking) too much.


Then New Years.


All the parties. And friends. And resolutions. 


That wonderful mixture of memories of friendship and family and commitment to making the next year better. 



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How to speed up your tattoo removal health tattoo removal time

What can you do?


Tattoo removal takes time. And there are no guarantees on how long it will take. 


The good news is there are things you can do to make the process go faster and smoother.  


Put simply - the healthier you are, the faster your tattoo removal process will go.


Your body heals during the tattoo removal process. The healthier you are, the better your body is functioning, and it will process the healing more efficiently. 



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Why your tattoo might look darker right after removal after care health laser treatment tattoo removal

Get rid of heavy metals

If you've recently started laser treatment for a tattoo removal, you may have noticed that your tattoo appears darker.


This happens and it's perfectly normal. There's no reason to be alarmed. 


In fact, it's actually a part of the removal process and shows that it's working. 


How laser removal works


Laser removal works by breaking down the ink in your tattoo. Ink with white pigmentation turns darker during this process. This can...

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