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How we make laser removal easy laser removal new year's tattoo removal

Hard decision made easy


Life is hard. Your tattoo removal shouldn’t be.


Laser removal is a big decision.


When you’ve made it this far, you’re serious. 


It’s a big step. One that’s filled with a lot of questions.


We make the process as smooth as possible. 


We know laser removal is a big decision. We remove as many roadblocks as possible to make your decision a simple one.


Keeping you informed



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Does laser tattoo removal cause scarring? after care laser removal scarring scars

What you need to know about laser removal and scarring


The chance of your laser tattoo removal causing scarring is close to zero. Q-Switched lasers are a safe method of removal and there is little chance of scarring if you follow the aftercare instructions we provide.


How does laser removal work?


Q-Switch laser removal is one of the safest, most effective ways to remove your tattoo. Learning how it works will help you understand the importance of proper skin care after...

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Which is easier to remove: shading or line work? laser removal laser treatment tattoo removal

Tattoos are complex. Not just the art itself but the application. No tattoo is the same and therefore no removal is the same. When you’re planning your tattoo removal, it’s good to be aware of the different aspects that factor into the removal. 


If you’re seeking a complete removal or preparing for a cover up, you want to know how laser removal works with the different parts of your tattoo. 


When it comes to laser removal, which is easier to remove,...

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Does tattoo removal help anxiety? anxiety laser removal tattoo removal

An unwanted tattoo on your body can be the source of anxiety or depression. It’s one of the main reasons why people seek out tattoo removal, and it's why we make the process easy.  


This can be true for many reasons. You might feel that you’re not the same person as when you first got your tattoo and that it’s no longer “you.” Or you realized that the tattoo isn’t what you wanted after seeing it in the flesh. 


Other people...

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