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How long does tattoo removal take? laser treatment tattoo removal

How many sessions?


You have a lot of questions when you’re planning your tattoo removal. One thing you  want to know is “how long will this take?”


The timing of your tattoo removal can be important, especially if you’re planning a removal for a special event, such as a wedding or future job. 


That’s why it’s good to get the clearest, most straightforward answer possible.


Everyone is different


First of all, no...

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What is tattoo frosting...and why it's totally normal after care laser treatment tattoo frosting tattoo removal

Tattoo frosting means the removal process is working

If you've just started laser removal, then you may notice a white residue on your skin in the same area of the removal.

If this happens, there's no need to worry. Here's why.

During the laser removal process, a laser moves over your skin and heats the ink in the layer underneath the surface. This breaks up the particles of ink, which lets your body flush them out of your system. 

When these ink particles are broken up, it releases...

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Why your tattoo might look darker right after removal after care health laser treatment tattoo removal

Get rid of heavy metals

If you've recently started laser treatment for a tattoo removal, you may have noticed that your tattoo appears darker.


This happens and it's perfectly normal. There's no reason to be alarmed. 


In fact, it's actually a part of the removal process and shows that it's working. 


How laser removal works


Laser removal works by breaking down the ink in your tattoo. Ink with white pigmentation turns darker during this process. This can...

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Does tattoo removal hurt? laser treatment pain tattoo removal

Is tattoo removal painful? If so, how much?


If you’re thinking about tattoo removal, then you have questions.


You’re probably wondering “does it hurt?”


You want the truth.


Well... it doesn't feel like puppies licking the skin.


And most clients agree that the tattoo removal session does in fact hurt. 


However, the experience isn’t that long (typically less than a couple of minutes) and is definitely tolerable. 


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What is tattoo blowout and can you fix it? blurry tattoo laser treatment tattoo blowout tattoo removal

What is tattoo blowout?


Tattoo blowout happens when ink from a tattoo bleeds out into surrounding areas of skin. Blowout makes your tattoo look blurry and smudged. 


It’s frustrating, for obvious reasons. 


What causes it?


The main cause is the tattoo artist, unfortunately. 


Tattoo blowout happens when the artist presses the needle too deeply into the skin, which causes ink to be injected deeper, below the surface level of the skin. 

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How does water affect tattoo removal? after care infection swimming tattoo removal water

Can you go swimming after tattoo removal?


After your laser treatment, you’re ready to get back to normal. How soon can you take a shower or go swimming? 


Hot tub? Yes, please.


Wait, can you?


Watch for infection 


The good news is that life can return pretty much to normal very soon after tattoo removal. We just suggest waiting 3-5 days before hopping in the pool or taking a really hot shower.


Swimming or any other type of water based...

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Did Britney get her tattoos removed? #freebritney judge no one tattoo removal

Recently Britney Spears posted a selfie of her bare back on Instagram. And, since this is the internet...everybody lost their mind.


This sparked a million comments and questions online about whether or not Britney had her back tattoos removed. For example, Britney recently revealed that she has the Hebrew word for “healing” tattooed on her neck, and it’s known that she has others as well. 


If you’re interested in what those are, we’re sure...

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Tattoo Removal & Summer summer tattoo removal

Can you start or continue laser tattoo removal in the summer?


The answer is yes.


Summer is a great time to start thinking about tattoo removal or to continue a removal that you’ve started in the past. The change in wardrobe might even remind you of something you’ve been putting off.


It’s a great time to take action on those plans right now.


Sun and skin


However, summer does bring different concerns, mainly sun exposure and how this affects...

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