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How Tattoo Removal Works

How Tattoo Removal Works

Laser Technology

Using the latest in Q-Switched and multi-wavelength laser technology, our laser passes harmlessly through the top layer of skin (the epidermis) and breaks down the tattoo ink (in the dermis) into smaller particles. This allows your body to ​metabolize it and flush it out via your lymphatic system whenever you sweat, breathe, or go to the bathroom. Most of the removal process is actually up to your body.

Interesting, huh?

Different colors respond better to different wavelengths. That's why the three true wavelengths that our system offers are essential to the effective treatment of EVERY color.

Also, PICO SHMEEKO... Q-Switched technology is the best choice for removing tattoos safely and effectively. That's why we use Quanta's FDA approved EVO Q-Plus C system, one of the industry's top Q-Switched lasers made specifically for tattoo removal. 

Customized For You

We know your tattoo is as unique as you are! This means there are a number of variables we must take into consideration when tailoring the process specifically for you.

Below are the main factors we consider when strategizing a plan for your success:

Why Skin Type Matters

When it comes to using a laser, skin type is exceedingly important. Finding a clinic with experienced technicians who utilize safe and effective protocols and have treated all skin types is crucial. Having provided thousands of treatments, we've experienced treating every skin tone there is and we are confident in our ability to treat each client safely and effectively. 

We use what's called the Fitzpatrick Scale to determine the amount of melanin in your skin. The more melanin, the more challenging colors like red, green, and blue will be to remove. Check out our emoji representation below to get an idea of which skin type you are.

People with darker skin tones (skin types 5 & 6) can have their tattoos removed safely and effectively with the right type of laser. Our laser has the 1064 wavelength which is the only laser wavelength available that has shown consistent and smooth results on darker skin types. A 1064 wavelength is essentially colorblind affecting just the ink and not the pigmentation cells, letting you safely remove your unwanted black tattoos with confidence while minimizing problems like scarring or pigmentation issues to between one and five percent.

​During the removal process, pulses of light/wavelengths are used to attract to the ink in-order to crystalize and break up the large ink molecules. Regardless of skin type, a client may experience hyper or hypopigmentation issues if they are not following the appropriate aftercare instructions we provided, or if they expose the skin to sun or heat for an extended period of time.

The Million Dollar Question

Any tattoo removal clinic worth its salt won't tell you an exact number of treatments as results vary greatly from person to person and from tattoo to tattoo.

We consider the variables we listed above to determine an estimated number of treatments for each client. While we've completely removed some tattoos in just one or two treatments, most tattoos require 8-12 treatments.

If you are looking to lighten your tattoo so that it's easier to cover with a new tattoo, you can expect anywhere from 3-5 treatments.


Pricing is primarily based on the size of the tattoo(s) so we've developed a simple pricing structure to account for tattoos of all sizes.

Most tattoo removal companies make you jump through hoops to figure out how much it's going to cost you to remove your unwanted ink. At Nuleaf, we value honesty and transparency - that's why we have outlined our pricing structure below. 



Per Treatment

  • Our minimum price
  • About the size of a quarter
  • Complete removal package: $1095



Per Treatment

  • Most tattoos fall into this range
  • About the size of a business card
  • Complete removal package: $1895



Per Treatment

  • Can include multiple tattoos
  • About the size of an entire hand
  • Complete removal package: $2695

Sleeves & Larger Tattoos

For those looking to remove or lighten full sleeves or exceptionally large tattoos, please be sure to ask us about our custom pricing options.

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